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Odyssey - Wordless Still LMM01_4

AUD $15.00 each


This album has come from the journey of my life. Years ago I came very close to death from a head injury sustained in an accident but I survived and recovered with thanks for support and prayer from friends and family and the goodness of the Spirit of Christ. It was a long journey of recovery and restoration that has ended incredibly well. 

It also represents a universal journey from a busy and overloaded mind to a place of peace and tranquility of the heart. 

Each track was built from ambient recordings made in a variety of locations in Australia ranging from busy spots in cities of Sydney and Melbourne to a variety of places with beautiful natural places- paddocks, plateaus and waterfalls in Regional New South Wales in Australia. 

It doesn't matter where I am or what I'm doing, the person of Christ is who I go to for peace every time. He will calm the waves of stress and fear and establish stillness and perfect peace. I pray that every time you listen to this album His presence comes and brings peace to your heart.

1. Seek
2. Dormant
3. Transit
4. Wayward
5. Captivated
6. Juncture
7, Awakening
8. Respite
9. Swoon

Luke Murray
© all rights reserved

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