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The New Gnostics Phil Mason - PMB05


Understanding Extra-Biblical Revelation in the Contemporary Charismatic Movement

In this short booklet Phil Mason explores an emerging phenomenon in the contemporary Charismatic Movement that is drawing many believers into speculative theologies about a number of topics that are extra-biblical in nature. Because these so called ‘fresh prophetic revelations’ are purely speculative and because they go way beyond biblical revelation they cannot be either proved or disproved.

The charismatic world is currently experiencing a flood of speculations about alien races, sinister agendas perpetrated by invisible beings, hidden heavenly dimensions, hidden echelons of heavenly beings and esoteric techniques to cleanse human DNA from the defilement of aliens. We are in the midst of a revival of the gnostic spirit; a quest for a higher knowledge that ushers believers into an advanced dimension of revelation that transcends the revelation of the Bible. Gnosticism was a first and second century movement that sought to replace biblical revelation with a higher gnosis, or knowledge. 

Using the paradigm of Paul’s conflict with Apollos as a template, Phil draws out some powerful biblical principles to equip the church to identify the gnostic spirit and to recover what Paul called “the simplicity of devotion to Christ.” It is time to return to the simple gospel and to invest our time and energy into getting equipped to release the kingdom of God on earth rather than getting caught up in endless speculations that only serve to cause division and strife in the body of Christ.

This is a timely message to the contemporary Charismatic church not to get distracted from our primary call to minister the power of the Kingdom of God to heal people’s hearts and to set the captives free. All that Jesus trained His disciples to do is all that we need to get the job done. It is time to close the door to the New Gnostics and to focus again on the power of the simple gospel.

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